NUHA conjures the allure and intrigue of the desert in all its stark, unrestrained beauty.
The perfume’s nostalgic accords lend it a charming aura.

Nuha fragrance oil showcases the scent of cashmere oud, which is the opening note that embodies sensuality.
Its grandeur and magnetism create an enduring memory on your mind that is undeniable and cloaked in mystique.Roses and patchouli mingle to provide a heart note that is both mouthwatering and fiery, owing to their intensely aromatic composition. Harmonious undertones of musk and smoke work together to create a sensuous and soothing ambiance.
Classical oud aroma is woven into the base with a touch of amber.

Musk’s soft fragrance reveals itself on the skin, whereas sandalwood’s soft and velvety perfume enriches compositions and brings a woody wake to fragrances.
Let your skin bumble with every drop of NUHA concentrated oil.
Bottle is insfused with quantity of 15ml of vintage accords.


Top:Cashmere oud
Middle:Musk, Rose, patchouli, Smoky notes.
Base:Amber, Oud, Musk, Sandalwood