A blend of tastes, which, when combined with first infusing your residence with overwhelming fresh aldehydes, results in the production of an excellent aroma. enveloping the vicinity with rich, sweet, fruity, and sensual jasmines; and furthermore, tantalizing the fragrance with roses; providing the Bakhoor Baiti with the extravagant overpowering stench of amber; delivering it with the very soothing preference of sandalwood; and alluring it with the leathery, soft, earthy, aroma of saffron. immerse yourself and your surroundings in the delightful aroma of these Dakhoon tablets. embraced with 10 tabs.

Notes – NOTES: Shamama Accords, Rose, Jasmine, Bakhoor Smoky Accords Patvhouli, Musk

Bakhoor Baiti