The rose shaped bottle depicts a soft creamy and silky texture that compels you to lose yourself in its whirlpool of caramel goodness. The warm cosy note of cashmere wood is beautifully laced with sweet vanilla and juicy and citrusy rose reminiscent of the sweet rustic smells in your woollen blanket on a stormy night in the woods. The salty note of ambergris and salt adds a sea-like freshness to the sweeter notes making the scent more natural.

Experience the subtle but long-lasting effect of the swirling elegance of the vanilla-infused buttery floral scents of our Rose Noir perfume.



Top: Citrus Rosy (Mandarin, Rose)

Heart: Vanilla (Vanilla, Salt)

Base : Woody ( Ambergris, Sandal wood, Cashmere Wood)

Rose Noir