The aroma of this perfume is so pristine that it encapsulates the brisk breezes of springtime. Everything just conjures up vivid images of a verdant landscape at its peak of bloom during the pinnacle of spring. This may be worn by people of any age and is ideal in both leisure and more professional venues. Saif is one of those fragrances that eliminates the need to ponder over what perfume to pour on one’s body.

Fused with fresh cypress and warm, aromatic cardamom, it leads to a fresh opening. Bergamot and juniper berries: the juniper berry adds a bracing, exhilarating touch to fragrances.

Cedar’s woodsy scent will transport you back to a time spent strolling through a dense forest, with cinnamon imparting a dash of tenderness and enticement at the heart.

Sandalwood exudes a tranquil aroma, while musk wraps you like a warm blanket. further enhancing the depth of perfume with delectable drops of vanilla.

The slender amber bottle, adorned with radiant gold accents, is reminiscent of luxury, sensuality, and heritage.

Saif possesses 50 ml of EDP.


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