The commencement of the Qoot journey has a zesty blast of citrus juices that swiftly revitalizes your demeanor.Seasoning the top notes with a strong flavors of black peppers, which adds a little savory to perfume, thats leaves you awe struck.

Together cashmere wood and cedarwood an extend out their branches to provide a comforting canopy of shade. A bouquet of fresh lilac-purple flowers from Mediterranean, scarlet roses and velvety sprinkling of rich saffrons is presented to you from their branched limbs. A terrain of pungent and earthy aromas spreads out across entire landscape.
On the barks of ancient oud trunks, which are draped with oak moss, patchouli flowers flourish encircled by delicious vanillas, and ambers, with their golden hue, are adorned with a comforting coat of musks.

All of this is done to animate a very luxurious aura, one that beckons intrigue to draw closer.
Pamper your self with QOOT’s exquisite aromas that swirls around just by a touch. The spectacular crystal vial is brimmed with amount of 15ml concentrated oil.


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