Dehnal Oudh Seufi has a magnificent aroma and the excellence of a well-balanced oil that will cater to all the desires of the user who wants more than what the average user demands throughout.To stimulate your mystical perceptions, we provide you with the purest agarwood scent oil. 
Luxurious perfumes that evoke memories of unforgettable experiences.

Top notes are infused with purest Bangladeshi oud extracts collected from the Sylhet area of Bangladesh. The highest grade of agarwood trees, that can only be discovered in a very restricted region of Sylhet that borders Assam, in India, are chosen for collecting.
It has a scent that is so nuanced, deep, and incredibly rich that it is tempting to get overwhelmed in it.

Known as the “wood of the gods” by ancient civilizations, Indian oud is one of the world’s rarest assets and has been utilized for centuries in the form of wooden incense chips, body oils, and perfume across the Middle East and Asia. It also has a key place in Gulf Arab traditions.Purest and most expensive Indian oud extracts are infused into the mid that flows deeply to the bottom.

These oud chips have a rich, primarily smoky, woodsy, and earthy aroma, but they reveal a surprising sweetness as they burn.
The unyielding aroma of pure Dehnal Oudh dominates everything in its vicinity, and its rich agarwood fragrance honors the norms of ancient luxury while promising to make its wearer feel morally superior, hold an amount of  3 ML concentrated oil.


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Dehn Al Oud Hindi Seufi