You are on a date with majesty and grandeur when you use the Hindi Oud oil by Ahmed Perfumes, which has a peculiar fragrance and lends an air of luxury to whatever event you walk into.

The rarest of ouds are used in the manufacturing of Dehn al-oud Qadeem, which hails from parts of India and is specifically nurtured in the region’s forests. Before it was poured, it was left to mature and improve for a longer period of time. Those who enjoy Dehn al Oud are delighted by its luxurious scent, which is praised as being rich, woody, and aromatic, not less than wearing jewelry. The tremendously precious gift of pure oud.

This concentrated oil spray is extracted into a lovely bronze vial that resembles an Arabic palm and date tree, taking you back to the golden era.

contains 40 ml.

Dehn Al Oud Qadeem