The aroma of Dehn Al Oud Turabi grows gradually into the perfume of heated oud chips of the excellent caliber.
The enchanting Cambodian Oud Oil blend’s top notes are enriched with the oud bark that is harvested from the finest trees in Southeastern Asia’s rain forests.

The longer the perfume remains on the skin, the more noticeable it is.
Chips used in mid notes are made from the bark of ancient trees that grow in Indonesian dense forests, to make the most expensive and pure forms of oud. Its raw character highlights its innocence and kinship with the natural world.  It has been a pillar of Middle Eastern and Asian culture for millennia, where it is used in everything from incense made from wood to perfume and body oils, and where it has become almost linked with generosity in the Arabian Peninsula.

The base is made from precious and rare oud, which is sourced from the remote northeastern regions of India and matured for decades. The wood chips are refined to extract just the appropriate quantity of oil, which is then used to produce a perfume with a fascinating, deep smoky scent.
Delight your senses into this enduring aroma.
Bottle is filled with 3ml concentrated oil.






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Dehn Al Oud Turabi