The aromas of a scent have the tendency to sweep us apart from our prevailing stage and lead us to wonderful moments in our memories. Each droplet is a journey back in time to those ephemeral moments when you stopped about your anxieties and just enjoyed in the moment. Araak walks down memory lane, reliving and savoring the pleasant encounters.

A magnificent voyage is carried out by combining the best of nature’s components. It begins with the crispness of apple, red fruits, and pear, both of which have a juiciness to it. A drop of citrus accords and the zesty flavor of orange flowers bind together to proceed deeper.

They make a quick pause in the middle of it all to pick up a few floral blooms to carry along them. Suddenly, in comes a lily of the valley, and then a jasmine, and they both fill the space with the aroma of their white blossom and let off a burst of freshness.

The fragrant voyage glides smoothly into the passionate and lingering climax with elegance. An alluring combination of cedarwood and earthy musk is the legacy that you pass behind. Embracing the sweetness of the moment with maltol and vanilla notes that smell like candy floss and highly precious ambers.

The alluring aroma of Araak will lead you to precious emotions from your past.

Contains EDP of 50ml.


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