The heart of the SUPREME Eau de Parfum is a classic: blooming Ecuadorian roses; which is brought together with the distinct fruity top notes from an assortment of exotic, sun-ripened & wild red fruits, along with fresh pears harvested from the coasts of south-western Europe, this unique blend is sure to lift your mood and induce nothing but just the perfect, rejuvenating start to your day – awakening a long-lasting aroma and confidence with nothing but a light touch. These notes are in its essence entwined with the woodsy base notes of Musk, that effortlessly layoff into the warmth and sweetness of untainted amber resins and are finally balanced out with the fresh, clean & crisp notes of White Musk that is nuanced flawlessly in this everyday wearable which in turn works well with any style and fits into any wardrobe.



Top : Fruity(Red Fruits, Pear)

Heart : Floral(Rose)

Base : Musk, Amber Resins & White Musk.