The top notes of our vintage perfume have been modified by infusing the best of the sweet and calming taste of French lavenders, along with hay-like delicious saffron, gorgeous high-scented earthly gentle roses, spicy citrus, and the robust earthy and autumnal aroma of oakmoss.

Rich and sensuous jasmines comprise the fragrance’s heart notes; citrus and exotic orchids bring brilliance, whereas the sugar adds its sweetness, and a trace of romance from soft and fragile violets mingles with the subtle scent of Incense Bakhoor.

A strong sweet and spicy mixture of patchouli, and the sturdy taste of agarwood, provides you with the enduring smell of the sweet-earthy aroma of Ambroxan, in addition to base notes the cologne is sparkled up with a crispy and fresh hint of musk white and finally ending up with the captivating and exotic rich aroma of amber resins.

The olfactory masterpiece is then poured into a golden crown-capped patterned glass bottle with an intricate design, evoking the regal splendour of Arabic grandeur.

Grab the gradient box that has the expertly carved scales and the name in gold script. The coffer reveals a rich crimson velvet lining that compliments the perfume precisely and serves as a magnificent podium upon which the bottle is positioned.

This fragrance was concocted in royalty and lavishness, further carried to our genesis. Your majesty, we present to you BIN SHAIKH. 

Born amidst nature and handed down from our forefathers, this perfume introduces you to the extraordinary.


Bin Shaikh