Fragrances are the crowning element to every sophisticated look. A scent that is ideal for wearing during daylight. Immerse yourself in addiction of Musk and Oud. Steep yourself in the rituals of artistic perfumery as you concoct a scent that is both alluring and tempting.
Blackcurrants and apples provide a splendid contrast, and later the top notes hugs the silky delicacy of cassis. Nothing promotes wellness better than smelling fresh flowers. Savor the natural and fresh traits of ylang-ylang and lily of the valley as you snuggle into the heart of blooming flowers, delivering you the exquisite sense of delicious and delectable aroma.

The velvety sandalwood, tantalizing musk, and brilliant amber that are combined as accents to the oud designs a base that is unique in its woodiness. The bottle is cradled in a sweet, caressing breeze courtesy to the vanilla and tonka beneath. The cologen comprises a portion of

EDP 40ml.


Top : Lavender, Cinaman, Apple , Smoky

Heart : White flowers , Cidar Oud, Red Rose, Leather .

Base : White Flowers, White Musk Oud, Sandal, Vanilla.


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Musk & Oud 40 ML