Summer Oud

Eau De Parfum

Born in the nurturing laps of Mother Nature, intricately handcrafted in the laboratories of our expert perfumers, and reverently delivered to you in our signature liquid gold vial, the unique scent of the 2022 edition of our iconic Summer Oud shall travel through your nose, overwhelm your senses, and make its place in your heart. EDP 60 ML


A Tribute to
Timeless Glory of Summer

Exotic fragrances collected from the deepest recesses of the world and exclusive watery aromas extracted from the freshest of Mediterranean forests are artistically fused in a tantalizing golden and burnt umber flacon to create the ultimate olfactory masterpiece of the seductive scents of spring. The agarwood brilliance of the Oud wields powerful and invigorating notes of wood, spice, and fruit leaving behind an intoxicating trail wherever you go. The impeccably alluring notes of our Summer Oud combined with the sublime and elegant bottle embody smooth sophistication and pure bliss.

Top Notes

The top notes are an enchanting amalgamation of smoky, spicy, and citrusy notes, rendering the mystical goodness of summer. The “moss on damp wood” note of Cypriol weeds its way around the bottle spreading its meadow-like freshness, and playfully interacts with the other notes. The fiery and golden Saffron notes exude exotic spicy aromas, representing the end of autumn and the birth of sweet summer. The woody and charcoal-like heady aroma of the Incense note wafts through the tiniest recesses of the Oud scent, accenting every note with a raw earthy tone. The sunny citrus zest of Mandarin tickles your nostrils with a tangy freshness as if taken from a freshly squeezed fruit.

Heart Notes

Hand-picked aromas are intricately woven into the heart of the Summer Oud like sweet poetry. The Queen of Flowers, the Rose has a musky and plum-like flavor with a delicious spin of masculine spice portraying the delicious cornucopia of smells from a Turkish garden. The rich and powerful Amber note accents the rest of the heart notes with its signature depth and fullness. It has residual oriental notes and introduces the welcoming warmth of summer. Patchouli acts as a musky and spicy-sweet base note combining all scents with its wet soil-like aroma, while the Cashmere Wood has a soft woody note enveloping you like a warm blanket in a cold forest. The cherry on the top is the liquid candy sweetness of the Caramel note that completes this grand rendition of exemplary fragrances.

Bottom Notes

The soul of the perfume, our bottom notes are extremely dense and intense, wafting through the top layers and giving them life. The exotic wood, Oud Accord is our first bottom note exuding a resinous and fruity leather aroma that activates the top and heart notes beautifully. The subtle but powerful Musk note has a silky earth smell that gives the Summer Oud its long-lasting allure. It is the mother of all notes, nurturing their evergreen aromas. The “lily of the valley” note of Oak Moss lends the intense raw waft of a damp forest to our concoction. The smoky accents of the Vetiver note introduce a dusty ruggedness that has a beautiful cooling effect. The potent Leather note is like the heady smell of an old library leather jacket book that tantalizes the senses. Leather has the sensual scent of skin that adds the natural attraction of human touch to the blend.

The Nostalgic Saga of
“Thousand & One Nights of Summer.”

Each drop of the majestic Summer Oud is enlivened with every little emotion, experience, and mood that collectively captures the true essence of Arabian summer. This mellifluous symphony of beautifully balanced fragrances tells grand tales of the pride and prestige of the Arabic tradition. Reimagine the exceptional richness of summer as the Summer Oud percolates your being to become one with your soul.

The iconic Summer Oud fragrance pays homage to the mystical powers of spring, weaving a poetic tale of bloom and prosperity. A true offspring of Mother Nature herself.

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