The revitalizing punch of Oud Crush is something you’ll have to kick the summer off right. This warmer months’ scent reaches as close as you can get to smelling like a basket of lemons without having to carry a basket of lemons around with you. Sprinkle it once, and you’ll feel as if you’re on a yacht in the midst of the Mediterranean, sipping champagne.

It unfolds with a charming bouquet of tropical white flowers and is pursued by the zesty aroma of mutant citrus fruits.

From the iris species, it encapsulates the gentle and tender essence of saffron, clinging to woody chips in the heart of the scent.

Extremely top-notch amber and oud, paired with a trailing plethora of resins in the base, create voluminous, mysterious smells that utterly mesmerize you.

Its aroma is reminiscent of a perfume that hangs in the air on a sweltering day in the middle of summer, until it begins to drizzle. It’s guaranteed to be an instant mood booster.

This magnificent spray bottle with the appearance of a cantaloupe carries a total of 75 ml of EDP.

Oud Crush