Gratify your skin with each droplet of Raheeque, let its gentle and precious aromas reach your soul.
The case is a stunning cylinder of ivory, laced with a scarlet ribbon. Dazzling design adorns the top, while Raheeque’s unique calligraphy graces the case’s base.
An exquisite vial of beauty awaits you as you open the box. Translucent glass drapes the body, revealing a pool of thick oil underneath. The delicate pink flowers that blossom on the lid are embellished with beautiful pearls, emphasizing the excellent performance of the craftsmanship. This gorgeous container contains 12ml of concentrated oil.
Red roses, the epitome of love and passion, enter the accords with their heady scent and a gentle rush of spicy warmth. Beautiful lilac irises lean forward to kiss red roses, emitting a buttery, powdery aroma that delights the perfume and conjures up sensations of magnificent tenderness.



Top Notes: Rose Iris
Middle Notes: Patchouli, Cinnamyl. Zaffran Touch
Base Notes: Ambergris, Oud, Musk


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Raheeque 12ML