Dhen al Oud Ayubi is a strong perfume with a woodsy scent that makes you feel ecstasy and desire. The oud tree is endemic to Cambodia; hence, the region furnishes the foundation for the title. The luxurious aromas will fill your senses.

In the head notes, the intensity of distilled Cambodian oud oil and the inherent richness of earthy elements compel the senses. For this signature fragrance, we only use the finest oud. Dehn al Oud Ayubi is like an ornate suit of armor; it has a woodsy, then rich, then golden, then intense aroma.

The final note is the infusion of the extracted Dehn Al Oud Hindi, which derives from the forests of Assam, a northeastern Indian state. It has a sweet, leathery, and woody scent. Dehn Al Oud Ayubi is a concentrated agarwood oil spray. It is versatile enough to be worn at any occasion, yet it stands out and gives you the feeling of true luxury.

contains a quantity of 40 ML.


Dehn Al Oud Ayubi