Embellish with pride and allow the regal scent of Dehn Al Oud Combodi Omani permeate your inner self. Splurge on a fragrance that will last all day.
The most elegant and immaculate types of oud are derived from the bark of ancient trees flourishing in Indonesian rainforests.This process yields the oud bark that is used to create the enchanted Cambodian Oud Oil Blend. The natural essence of it emphasizes its pristine character and special bond to the natural world. The finest and most luxurious grade of dehn al oud Cambodia is poured, which lulls you into a world of relaxation while lingering on your skin with its scent for an extended period of time.
This lavish concentrated oil cantains 3ml of Dehn al oud Cambodia Omani.
When it comes to perfumes, Ahmed offers nothing but the finest. We regard the oils of dehn al oud to be the most precious of all fragrances. And we want our consumers to have the most pleasant experience imaginable when they purchase our items, we ensure that all of the elements in our fragrances are of the highest possible quality. Rejuvenate and enchant yourself with our premium fragrances, as it lingers throughout.


Dehn Al Oud Combodi Omani