Bakhoor Hind, an oriental fragrance, ensures that your surrounding is perfumed with delightful aromas, creating a mood that warmly welcomes fresh woody scent. It is ideal for instilling a sense of peace and renewal. Bakhoor hind is indeed a rich and exotic fragrance that originates with the citrus scent, a soft touch of saffron, and fresh notes, all of which create a sense of warmth and heritage.

After it has completely dissolved into stunning white amber, a pleasant smell of wonderful roses binding up with the earthy scent of iris will begin to saturate your living space  enduring with woody musk, fused together with the sensual, warm, and exotic flavor and fragrance of amber resin, the soothing smell of sandalwood, the jazzing and strong patchouli, and finally adding reassuring coziness and a touch of the exotic vetiver, merging the atmosphere with a scent that makes your day incomparably sublime.

Contains 10 tablets.

Bakhoor Hind