The Oud Ma’attar Kiflain is a luxurious blend of balsamic, musky and leathery notes. It will make your special occasions even more so, with the captivating accents of Aryan Oud and the distinct beachy whiff of Ambergris.

The subtle hints of Orris are comparable to the addition of gold leaf on a dessert, it seamlessly fuses with the rarest of sweet undertones of Dehn al Oud Hindi and the classic oriental hum of garden Rose and Sandal Oud to create a euphoric effect that will leave passers-by reminiscing over you.

This Oud is made over and beyond enchanting, embellished with the warm and rich aroma of Cambodian Accord along with a tinge of indigenous Nagarmotha. As the final polish, it is coupled with the smoky, resinous Incense of Accord that interweaves all the other top, heart and base notes.

Fragrance Notes: Oud Arian, Dehn Al Oud Hindi, Musk, Ambergris Accords, Rose, Nagamotha, Leather, Saffron, Sandal Oud, Orris, Incense of Accrod, Combodi Accrod.

48 Grams.

Oud Kiflain