A fragrance that enchants with its exquisitely harmonious combination of citrus fruit and white flower notes, which invigorates your spirit with their excellent and enticing, smoky and sweet aromas, together with the luxuriousness of amber.

Top note: The bouquet captivates with its intriguing mixture of exclusively gathered North Eurasian Black Currant, and freshly selected Italian Bergamot, ultimately giving it a faceted smell of Citrus Fruits that awakens a feeling of exhilaration.

Middle note: The heart bestows a plethora of the feminine qualities of purity and innocence with iris flower, which is highly recognized for its floral and woody scent with buttery accents and indulging notes of violet. Made in conjunction with pineapple, a wonderfully sweet and delicious flavor, it brings forth a fragrance that is distinctly crisp and clean.

Bottom note: The Remanence gradually adds up with musk, the finest persistent aspect of a cologne, which clings on the skin after the perfume has dispersed along with the highly-priced extravagant OUD resin that is used to discern Middle Eastern fragrances.

This perfume gives us a glimpse into hefty aromas that conjure up smells that are robust and overpowering. It has a high concentration of amber’s richness throughout.

Ain EDP 75 ML