A captivating blend of oriental spices and rich woods, Bombay Oud transports you to the bustling and nostalgic streets of Mumbai.
Bombay Oud is a fragrance that is said to be inspired by the city of Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay) in India. It is typically described as a woody, floral, and musky scent with notes of oud (also known as agarwood), sandalwood, rose, and amber. Oud is a highly sought-after ingredient in perfumery and is known for its warm, earthy, and slightly smoky aroma. The combination of oud and sandalwood in Bombay Oud is said to create a rich, luxurious, and long-lasting fragrance that is suitable for anyone.


Top Notes:
Orange Sicilian: The zesty and fresh aroma of orange is the first thing that hits the nose upon initial application. It adds a bright and lively opening to the fragrance.
Rose: The floral and sweet aroma of rose adds a romantic and feminine touch to the scent. The rose note is well balanced with the orange note and it enhances the overall freshness of the fragrance.

Heart Notes:
Sandalwood: The warm and woody aroma of sandalwood adds a comforting and inviting touch to the scent. It creates a smooth and creamy texture that is both soothing and grounding.
Pear: The fruity and juicy aroma of pear adds a subtle sweetness to the scent. It gives the fragrance a slight fruity note that is well balanced with the woody and leather notes.
Leather: The rich and earthy aroma of leather adds a masculine and refined touch to the scent. It gives the fragrance a strong and bold character that is both sensual and warm.

Base Notes:
Musk: The clean and musky aroma of musk provides a deep and long-lasting finish to the scent. It adds a personal and animalistic dimension to the fragrance.

Amber: The warm and resinous aroma of amber adds a rich and opulent touch to the scent. It gives the fragrance a smooth and creamy texture that is both comforting and grounding.

Benzoin: The sweet and vanilla-like aroma of benzoin adds a subtle sweetness to the scent. It enhances the overall warmth and coziness of the fragrance.

Oud Accords: The rich and warm aroma of oud is the signature note of the fragrance. It adds a deep and mysterious dimension to the scent. It’s considered one of the most sought after ingredients in perfumery, it’s used to provide an earthy, woody and musky aroma to the fragrance.

Together, these notes create a harmonious and complex fragrance that evokes the spirit of the city of Mumbai. The scent is versatile and can be worn by both men and women, and it’s perfect for special occasions or a night out. The longevity and sillage of the fragrance is great, it lasts on the skin for hours and it’s easy to detect the different notes as the fragrance evolves over time.

Bombay Oud

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