Brown is an outburst of euphoria, a fleeting ecstasy. Relish in an excellent demeanor as you absorb the aroma; let your senses swirl towards each unique nuance. Enjoy a dazzling, spectacular sensation with each mist that settles on your skin.

The initial layer is blasted with a barrage of crisp and pulpy fruity punch, which emanates from the blend of nectarine, pineapple, and green apple with a light floral and herb flavor highlighted by clary sage and basil. This dynamic opening moves into a region that is rich and dense in the heart of the perfume, with the sweet and spicy elements of freesia, gardenia, and violet. Musk and leather work together to produce a sensuous symphony.

Woody agarwood, olibanum, and sandalwood merge together at the climax to create a tranquil, deep scent. Eventually, vanilla beans and patchouli are added to give the casserole an exotic richness.

Brown 50 mL of EDP.