With just single misty touch, you may immerse yourself in the timeless ambience of a parallel universe.
Our sensation is the most essential as it’s intrinsically related to our sentiments. It seeps deep within you. You’re enamored with it and eager to engage. Get all your senses lured in by the alluring fragrance of Hilyah. Golden enamel flows from the very peak to the very bottom of the bottle, lending it an elegant style.

A drink intended to warm your heart, the cocktail will tickle your senses with its citrusy undertones and immerse you in the rich taste of juniper berries. As you derive delight in these delicacies, a drop of oud settles and soothes you with its enticing aroma. A magnificent elixir is poured to the brew that is sinking deep inside the heart of scent by the infusion of a creamy blend of magnolia and freshly plucked geranium from mountains in the tropics.

A subsequent use of a tiny ounce of the balsamic flavor that arises from vetiver. The cocktail cup fills with smoke when we blend agarwood and cedarwood. Musk provides a sturdy base, while the rich undertones of patchouli balance out into a delectable gourmand note. Cologne bottle holds an amount of EDP 75ml.