Inhale the enchanting perfume of MARJ and yield to the enchantment’s pull as it spreads through your spirit and thoughts. As the temptations drive you deeper into your emotions, wander into the valley of peaceful serenity and exotic scent. The casket features an amaryllis-colored velvet covering for a luxury sensation. Lifting the lid reveals a beautiful vase, the pinnacle of which has been given a distinct design. Tulip-like white wings fall down to the torso, displaying gaps in the glass and, in the middle, the name etched MARJ, A scent created to epitomize the luxuriousness. Merging into a symphony of Occidental Fragrance we gather the precious elements combined all together into a luxury perfume.

The bergamot’s scintillating citrus notes have your heart a-thumpin’, while the pink pepper’s spicy bite will drive your taste on the blaze. Tangerine’s naturally uplifting sweetness and nutmeg’s spicy undertones are released in harmony with a brisk elemi note. The addition of the smokey flavor of oud and the sweet richness of honey elevates its essence.

Relax and let yourself be pampered as the earthy scent of patchouli calms your emotions. You’re being welcomed further into the heart with a festive bouquet of fragrant roses, saffron, and jasmine. The vetiver in it will impart a harmonious, mystical quality to you. A jolt of cinnamon is added, which further envelops you inside the cashmere woods’ caressing warmth. Blending orange blossom’s floral-animal undertones with other clean elements to create a fresh aroma. Treat yourself to the splendor that is all around you.

A fruity aspect amid pear notes of ambrette seeds takes over to be at the base of notes, and it is wrapped in a warm embrace of golden amber, gentle musk, and ambergris. The addition of raspberry lends an enticingly fresh and delicious sparkle to the scent. Saffron and leather give it an edge, while sandalwood and oakmoss gently soothe your nerves. The scent is capped with a delicate fusion of agarwood and violet, while ambroxan enriches the collagen. Explicitly express your sensuality and let it ooze within you.

Marj, the sense of sheer elegance and affection. EDP 60ML”