MISKI has a fragrance that is both immensely tranquil and uplifting to the body. In other words, it’s ideal for those who are still young at heart. It’s a terrific all-around perfume, but it really emerges in the warmer months of spring and summer. You’ll indeed be comfortable to walk out the door smelling magnificent even after a lengthy work, which is why it’s the ultimate everyday perfume. It has an outstanding endurance and penetration.

The fragrance’s high notes are like rocket fuel, igniting the scent with a massive blast. A blend of all quadruple comprising of pomegranate, apples, berry blend, and aldehydes, sums up a little tang when you first smell it. Later, they’re like the fizz of champagne, having the potential to make a cologne genuinely dazzle and effervesce.

A flower of a thousand tales, lily of the valley owes its French name, Muguet; binds with fragrant Cananga of ylang-ylang. Together, the exquisite jasmines and the scarlet savory roses are the final touches that clinch in the heart of perfume.

As we inch down to the bottom accords, the vanilla creates a luscious harmony with the gloriously purple flowers, simultaneously soothing your nerves with hymn of sandalwood and musk.

As you spray, allow your skin to glide to the rhythm of each accord, and relish the sensation.
Perfume barrel stores an amount of 100ml EDP.