PATCHOULI Eau de Parfum is a euphoric balance of intense and subtle tones, gathered from the northern coast of South America through to the heart of Asia. Fusing together the work of man and nature, we present to you this spicy, smoky & leathery fragrance.

This delicately balanced concoction will take you on a pleasant ride – facing a gentle breeze in the heart of a lush green forest, that carries with it the essence of fresh red roses, infused with the warmth of the ever so unique fragrance of Saffron.

Travel to the Patchouli gardens of Southeast Asia and experience the Monsoons through this earthy scent; brewed in concert with the smoky aroma of Myrrh.

This perfume is poised with intense notes of Oud and the core of exotic Guaiac wood. And nothing short of the most sumptuous Black Musk was the final key ingredient to creating this timeless brew.