The scent of Sheukh is one that is enthralling, robust, and intense. In a nutshell, this cologne is the pinnacle of majesty and grandeur.

A scintillating citrus bergamot mingles with an intense aromatic forge accord in the crown, which is then wrapped by the gentle herbaceous whiff of clary sage. Embracing  you with a wham of ravishing fragrances.

Blooming carcanet of rose, jasmines and patchouli is styles together. Adhering to their nature, exotic aromas of spicy, sweet and earthy is all set to flourish sheukh. The foundation is adorned very luxuriously with ambergris. Adding a dash of tempting tonka beans and delicately dripping vanilla extract.

Nourish your heart with Sheukh until you are utterly immersed in it.

This charming lavender 50-ml spray bottle is strong, fresh, and simple to use. It is formulated with a higher concentration of EDP to ensure that it lasts longer.