Muzn is a distinct scent that smirks beautifully to the joyful, salty air of an azure seashore and serves as a call to go. The intoxicating aroma of the winds mixed with the fresh air entices you to pause for a moment and relax. The perfume bottle is embellished with a golden ribbon and is clothed in a fiery red hue. It appears in a gorgeous pearly casket.

Muzn’s initial touch displays a faint silicon orange fragrance. With additional delectable undertones of red fruits, watermelon, and lavender, all of which are ready to make you twirl around its harmonies.

As shimmering ocean crystal caresses your body, inhale the scent of calm. Bathe in a floral pool of fresh and uplifting lotus scents, cold breezes floating through lilies of the valley, and a dab of delicate animalistic edge jasmine. Enjoy the rhythmic harmonization of the oceanic tunes to soothe and relieve you while you snooze.

Ambroxan floats in a cold, sparkling fluid, its salty laps emphasized by the warmth of white musk, eventually surfacing to be stroked by a light, fluffy foundation of dried sandalwood. Muzn comes in a generous 100ml bottle of EDP.