Beautifully decked up in jewels and a luxurious gown, BIDUN ESAM strolls lavishly  through the chaos. The nature of the perfume is no less beautiful and solemn than the design. The enchanting fragrance displays its ambiguous character, combining natural beauty and animal instinct with elegance and charm. Bidun ESSAM fragrance oil from Ahmed Perfumes is a brilliant mixture that personifies the opulence of an antique Arab atmosphere.

Exploding spicy and floral fireworks with red roses and velvety precious saffron notes, the perfume oil gives birth to novelty of feelings and emotions. In the heart of the perfume, you experience your feelings are masterfully enhanced by notes of enchanting blooming white flowers, as they burst out with luscious aromas; swirling around you.

An chic loop of golden ambers and musk gradually embraces you, elevating your senses with the serene and lavish aromas . In order to elevate the fragrance to the next degree, a tiny touch of Cambodian oud is infused.

This gorgeous vial, which is embellished with a stunning floral pattern and holds a volume of 12 ml of concentrated oil.


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