Top – Floral (Turkish rose, lavender, lemon, peony)

Heart – Sweet (sandal wood, white flowers, frankincense)

Base – Musky( agarwood, guaiac wood, oak moss, Musk, amber)

The notes infuse sweet floral to a heavy musky fragrance from top to bottom while the hypnotic colour of this flask moves from pastel lavender to midnight black from bottom to top, exhibiting the mesmerizing beauty of opposites. The dynamic head note of Turkish rose sprinkled with tangy lemon and radiant peony is like a lush garden awakened in spring. This transitions to serene white flowers and musky agarwood, embodying the essence of a fragrant lily blooming on a damp moss-covered branch.

The tantalizing blend of the sensational opposing forces of intense Oud and divine Roses shall tickle your senses.


2 reviews for Oud & Roses

  1. Ola

    من اروع العطور اللي استخدمتها بحياتي .بيعطي شعور بالهدوء و الراحه النفسيه دائما بتحسن مزاجي لما ارش منه و رائحته بتبقى لوقت طويل جدا .اتمنى لو في منه بالاردن لاني بضطر استنى حدا يجي من دبي لاوصيه عليه

  2. Azad Sherif

    My first time buying this perfume from Al Zahiya City center. Quality and purification is excellent. Beautiful smell. People stop and ask me what I’m wearing. I will buy it again. Excellent customer service. Happy customer from TNX

    I Love Oud & Roses

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