Eau De Parfum

An “Excellence,” perfectly encapsulates the essence of sophistication and elegance in this meticulously crafted 50ml.

"Elevating Excellence in Every Scent"

Embrace the essence of Thaqaf: where tradition meets innovation. In this fusion, excellence finds its truest expression

A sensory journey where souls converge. Each note narrates a story. An enchanting aroma that transcends seasons. With every spritz, a metamorphosis begins, a voyage of beauty, the narrative it carries. Empowered and poised, you’ll stride with grace. Embracing every journey with elegance as your companion. Flaunt it with pride, let it be known, THAQAF, your signature scent. This fragrance is both luxurious and exotic. A symphony of aromas that captivates with every drop.

Top Notes

Its symphony of intricate and harmonious notes designed to evoke sophistication and elegance. The fragrance journey begins with a unique blend of top notes, where smoked ginger introduces a warm and spicy allure, complemented by the bright, citrusy sparkle of bergamot. Black currant and peach jam add a fruity tang and luscious sweetness, respectively, while pear contributes a crisp, juicy freshness. Clary sage infuses a herbaceous, slightly floral nuance, enhancing the complexity of the opening.

Heart Notes

The heart notes unfold into a rich floral bouquet, where the soft elegance of peony and the luxurious depth of rose Bulgaria take center stage. Cashmere wood introduces a creamy, woody warmth, while cyclamen and lily of the valley add delicate, fresh floral touches. Patchouli provides an earthy depth, and ambergris accord adds a marine-like richness, creating a mysterious and captivating middle layer.


Bottom Notes

Finally, the base notes ground the fragrance with a sophisticated blend of earthy and woody accords. Moss imparts a green, earthy undertone, complemented by the smooth, creamy sweetness of vanilla CO2. Ambroxan adds a woody-ambery sophistication, while white musk delivers a clean, soft finish. Sandalwood enriches the base with its rich, creamy essence, oud accord introduces an exotic, resinous depth, and Haitian vetiver completes the composition with a dry, earthy smokiness. This meticulous blend creates a fragrance that evolves beautifully over time, leaving a lasting impression of warmth, elegance, and complexity.


In keeping with its name, which translates to “Excellence,” the design of the Thaqaf perfume bottle is a masterpiece of elegance and refinement.

It epitomizes excellence with its sleek, minimalist design crafted from high-quality glass, adorned with elegant typography, and capped with understated sophistication.