Eau De Parfum

A fragrance born from the whispers of the elements and meticulously curated by our skilled perfumers reveals tales of Nature’s splendour and heavenly signals reign supreme. A mesmerising scent that never goes out of season. Crafted with devotion in our exclusive laboratories, this olfactory masterpiece is elegantly presented in a bottle as precious as the memories it invokes. An aromatic model that enchants as it pours. EDP 50 ML “AAYAH” Flaunt it confidently.


Capturing Nature's Verse,
Aayah Sings the Eternal Ballad of Beauty

A sensory adventure in which souls collide. Every note tells a tale. A mesmerising scent that never goes out of season. With each spritz, a transformation unfolds, a journey of beauty, the story it holds. Empowered and poised, you’ll gracefully roam. Embracing each path with elegance as your own. Flaunt it confidently, let it be known, AAYAH, you have your own scent. This fragrance is both luxurious and exotic. An aromatic masterpiece that enchants as it pours.

Tale of Top Notes

In the realm of scents, behold the Aayah’s grand debut, a vibrant symphony of notes, a true fragrance.

Tropical fruits and tangerines dance in harmony, with the timeless elegance of roses, a sight to see.

Like a burst of nature’s beauty, it opens with grace, invigorating and refreshing, a fragrant embrace.

The lushness of tropical fruits, so sweet and divine, blended with tangy tangerine, a citrusy rhyme.

And blooming amidst it all, the roses take flight, their timeless elegance, a fragrant delight.

Together, they create a symphony of bliss, a top layer that’s vibrant, a moment of pure bliss.

Let Aayah teleport you to a world so grand, where nature’s beauty and elegance go hand in hand.

With every spritz, a journey you’ll embark, on a poetic dance of scents, a fragrant work of art.

Tale of Heart Notes

As the fragrance settles, a tale unfolds, Heart notes emerge, stories yet untold.

Sandalwood’s warmth, grounding and true, with rose’s allure, a timeless hue.

The delicate sweetness of the orange flower’s embrace, creates harmony, a tranquil space.

In this symphony of scents, a perfect blend, a sense of balance, where tranquillity transcends.

Let Aayah’s heart notes whisk you away, to a realm of beauty, where dreams may sway.

In poetic whispers, its story unfurls, captivating hearts, and enchanting the world.

Tale of Bottom Notes

In a dance of scents, the base notes entwine a luxurious blend, a fragrance divine.

Malaysian, Indian, and Vietnamese oud, from distant lands, their essence shrouded.

Appealing musk adds depth, a touch so bold, while ambroxan’s allure weaves stories untold.

Together they create a trail, oh so rare, Aayah’s base notes, a lasting affair.

On the skin, it endures, a captivating embrace, leaving memories, etched with grace.

A fragrance that whispers, a tale to be told, Aayah’s base notes, a symphony of gold.

Aayah's Essence
Within This Bottle, A Verse Unfolds, A Tale Untold.

 Behold a spellbinding amber-colored glass bottle with a fragile heart form in its very centre. Intricate script from Arabic adorns the vase, spelling out the Arabic word “Aayah” in an exquisite golden hue. The perfume’s name shimmers with opulence, like a precious jewel. Nevertheless, the grandeur continues to be there. The lid, being analogously embellished in an illuminating gold colour, has intricate carvings that look like fragile strokes of colour of craftsmanship. It imparts a touch of opulence to this extremely dazzling work. Enticing you to explore a scent as intriguing as the vessel itself, this bottle embodies the essence of beauty and affection, a genuine piece of creation.

"In Aayah's fragrance, our perfumer's poetry is crystallized, a fragrant verse whispered by nature's muses."

Ahmed Al Maghribi Perfumes