Oud shines brightly among the galaxy of high-quality elements. The best Ouds have unimaginable intensity and endurance.
The initial heaviness is a natural characteristic of a quality Cambodian Oud but the beauty of this essence is in its heart which consists of expensive Indian oud chips.
Laos oud, cultivated in a picturesque city in Laos, has a peculiar aroma that combines overtones of honey and flowers with an earthy, animal undertone.
Dehn Al Oudh Kafaf is designed towards those who cherish a deep, genuine Oud scent and enjoy oudh in all of its guises.
The elegant platinum bottle represents the pinnacle of luxury, and within  conceals  the essence of the ancient Arabs.
Let your senses swing into its fragrance, as alluring oud accords jolt you with their strong and smoky aromas.
Dehn Al Oudh Kafaf contains 3 ML Concentrated Agarwood Oil.

3 ML

Dehn Al Oud Kafaf