The most appropriate aromatic extension of both your lifestyle and your surroundings, the sticks of Oud Ma’Attar are perfumed with luxurious ingredients to create their signature smell.
Captivating with a warm, clean, and intensely sweet floral bouquet of tuberose, penetrating with a warm, spicy side of pepper into the wood chips, and finishing with a sweet and flourishing floral aroma of roses on the top note.
Very carefully savoring the rich scent long-lasting smell of amber wood, the divine warm earthy perfume of cypriol, and the sweet and fruity notes of labdanum engulf the surrounding environment flawlessly.
Maria oud mubakhar is a lavish delicacy as it combines highly precious oud that is encased inside the sticks, the abundance and richness of amber that contributes to lavishness, and sandalwood undertones that are calming. making your residence a more pleasant and aromatic environment to socialize in.
36 grams in weight


Top : Tuberose, Pepper, Rose.

Middle : Amberwood, Cypriol, Labdanum.

Base: Oud, Amber, Sandalwood.

Maria Oud Mubakhar 36 Grams