Taleef is driven by love and loyalty for those things that matter the most to us. It encourages those who adore it to luxuriate in its surreal harmonies and yield to their innermost impulses. This interesting Eau de parfum uses a plethora of enticing compounds that play well on both male and female senses. Unique in design, this bottle is sure to stand out.
The incense and Cypriol that welcome you at the opening of the fragrance immerse you in their warm, woodsy sensations. Saffron glides over with its luxuriously leathery flavors, while mandarin lends a swirl of refreshing delicacy that illuminates your mood.
A rose that is lush, exuberant, and stupefying, mingled in the heart tones with patchouli, drowns its red petals in a cascade of luxurious ambers that are loaded with scents of fruity-sweet caramel and cashmere woods. The notes tend to cluster in the central axis of the perfume.
Oakmoss’ deep aroma is balsamic and embracing at the base, making a decent balance to Vetiver’s crispness. The perfume’s grandeur is evoked by the rich, robust scent of musk and leather, which is bolstered by oud accords.


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