The magnificent artwork that Daam Watani designed, was compelled by the landscape, lifestyles, and heritage of the Arabian Peninsula. The enthusiasm is sparked off with a bottle that is adorned with traditional Arabic adornment volume. The luxurious fragrance is designed for sophisticated and conscience people who know how to embrace their blessings.

While the top notes radiate the scent of smoke, which arises from agarwood and leather to make it a sensuous paradise, roses and white flowers sweep out their petals to concoct sweet and delectable smells right in the center of a meadow. Musk and moses scattered at bottom creates an aura of serenity, whereas rays of golden ambers shine upon woody chips enchanting whole composition with it’s rich aromas.
It’s too stunning to be genuine, and you deserve to have it.

The dazzling vase of Daam Watani, which is saturated with an oriental aroma and comprises 90 ml of EDP, illuminates with splendour.

Eau De Parfum Daam Watani