Extreme grandeur and plain sophistication of prized cypress wood are present in a hefty and potent Eau de Parfum. An incomparably fresh mandarin note adds a nostalgic and timeless feeling while also giving the fragrance a strong and smoky flair.
This perfume’s blend of Amber followed by Creamy Caramelized texture, well amalgamated Agarwood aroma giving it a dark finished scent, makes it reminiscent of a catastrophe or a long-extinguished flame. A passionate floral heart of jasmine blooms from the most golden of sunny bouquets, and you feel enchanted with love. The most delicate and extremely therapeutic strain of vetiver is meticulously isolated from the plant’s roots, which are renowned for having a scent that is both tranquil and replenishing. Rich chords of amber and oud, which are intriguing and fascinating, contribute to the temptation of enticement as they twirl just out of grasp. Leaving you with a cozy embrace of musk which adds a relish to ones skin. It’s a metaphor of genuine heart’s resilience to endure the rhythm.

50 ML Oud Afghano EDP

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Mandarin, Cypress

Heart: Caramel, Labdanum, and Jasmine

Bottom: Vetiver, Musk, Cedarwood, Amber, and Oud Accords


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Oud Afghano