The fragrance of bakhoor oud and roses is delivered to you with the intention of illuminating your environs with a unique form of nature’s beauty. It is filled with the finest of divine roses. providing you with the most elegant aroma of oriental musky wood and linking the fragrance with a mixed bouquet of fresh natural blossoms of Turkish roses. The flavor is elevated by the sweet aroma of Indian roses, which brings it a more heavenly touch.

The combination of white flowers, extremely rich, dense, and long-lasting oud extracts, a little smouldering pinch of guaiac wood, relaxing fragrance of sandalwood and lastly mixing to the scent infused with the richest and most valuable type of Amber absolute enable this sensuality to be revealed. Enrich your castle with the finest of Bakhoor tablets, which will cover it with the most exquisite aroma of beautiful flowers.

Includes 10 tabs

Notes – Oriental -musky woody ( Turkish rose, Indian roses, white flowers, Oud extract, guaiac wood, sandal wood, amber absolute, )

Bakhoor Oud & Roses