Unveil the epitome of luxury with the Oud & Roses Giftset, a harmonious fusion of opulent oud and delicate roses. This meticulously curated collection invites you to immerse yourself in a world of refinement and indulgence.

At the heart of this ensemble lies a 60ml bottle of Oud & Roses perfume, exuding an alluring blend of rich, woody oud notes intertwined with the soft, floral essence of roses. Accompanying this signature scent is a 30ml Body Gel.

To enrich your surroundings, the set includes 10 tabs of Oud & Roses Bakhoor, designed to infuse any space with warmth and sophistication. Pair this with the 180ml Oud & Roses Airfreshner, and let the captivating aroma envelop your home with tranquility.

Elevate your personal grooming routine with the 50ml Oud & Roses Hair Mist, leaving a subtle yet captivating scent lasting in your locks. As a thoughtful addition, a prayer mat is included, offering moments of quiet reflection and spiritual connection.

Embrace the allure of Oud & Roses, enveloping yourself or a loved one in an experience of luxury, serenity, and timeless elegance.


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