When the weather changes, it’s time to switch to a scent that will reinvigorate and rejuvenate you. Shower your skin with the euphoria of Camelia Garden’s flourishing aromas.

With brilliantly zesty beginning accords of plum and citrus fruits delivers an exhale entrance, warming your spirit with enthusiasm and a whirling gale of leisure. You are lured deeper into the heart of these enchanting sceneries and the eternal grandeur that embraces you with a jubilant bundle of scented roses and a smoky accent of agarwood. To top it all off, a base of golden woods and tantalizing musk delivers a sensual end.

The Occidental fragrance of fruity and woody blends is available in a 40-mL bottle.


Top : Plum, Citrus Fruits.

Heart : Roses, Agarwood.

Base : Musk, Amber.

Camelia Garden