Oud Moza was designed to express the unique, all-encompassing, and exhilarating sensation of being so fully euphoric in adoration that everything else fades away. The scent is the epitome of alluring sophistication, leaving behind an energizing trail of enticing oud ecstasy.

Owing to the fact that it strikes such a perfect harmony between sensuality and luxury, leather has carved a niche as a top contender in the world of iconic culture.The notes of leather are clean and simple, conjuring the feeling of sinking into a big, cozy couch when you spritz it.

Lush floral accords bloom in the heart of the fragrance, bursting with exquisite and delectable scents that emanate from each petal and then radiate out abundantly throughout the ambient.

Throughout the end, agarwood grabs the attention, eventually contributing depth and richness. The lingering sensation is warm and comforting, with hints of gentle earthiness and sensuality. Expect a lot of “you smell incredible” compliments when donning it. It’s a crowd-pleaser.

Oud Moza is a 50 ml EDP oriental fragrance. 

Oud Moza

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