TOP NOTES: Cardamom and Peony mingle to create a smell beyond any other. Cardamom’s spicy charisma fuses with the delicate and feminine taste of Peony to create a mesmerizing mix that fascinates the senses. Contemplate a landscape bursting with vivid Peony blooms, their petals unfurling to reveal an enticing and lush fragrance, while Cardamom imparts depth and enigma. It’s a harmonic ballet of strength and grace that results in an aroma that oozes both elegance and charm. Enjoy this magnificent tandem to transport you to a sphere of magic and splendor.

HEART NOTE: As the story unfolded, the fragrance’s the core revealed itself, a delicate tango of petals and precious woods. Consider a blooming yard in which the velvety petals of the finest roses unfurl, releasing their euphoric aroma into the air. As the scent lingers, the enticing embrace of Laos Oud and Cambodia Oud emerges, adding depth and richness to the perfume. The oud’s smoky, earthy notes ferry you to mystical lands where ancient traditions and timeless elegance interact. In tandem, these chords create an ensemble of grace and allure, capturing the essence of opulence and lavishness.

As the tale reached its crescendo, the base notes emerged, casting a spell of sensuality and enticement. Amber, like golden rays of sunlight, bathed the composition in a warm and radiant glow, while Tolu Balsam, a resinous elixir, exuded a sweet and comforting embrace. Musk, with its tantalizing whispers, added intrigue and sensitivity, whereas Indian pines balanced the scent with their rustic sophistication, redolent of a forest at twilight.


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Oulil Amr