Dressed in a dazzling golden gown that is ornamented with a floral pattern of violet hues, seize this classy fragrance and cherish your skin as each droplet penetrates further and deeper into your heart. ZUKRUF is a scent created to emphasize your unique charm. The enchanting fragrance displays its ambiguous character combining natural beauty and spicy instinct with elegance and sensuality.

The top notes are a mixture of smoky and spicy flavors that instantly wake you up and invigorate you. Black pepper, peppermint, and ginger blasts with their fiery and refreshing aroma as they settle smoothly into a couch, where the velvet smoothness of saffron and massages while you lay down with a sweet and refreshing drink of camomile.

As you unwind, you’re dropped right into the center of a plethora of scents .A magnificent sensuous floral paradise is prepared to delight your senses. Roses and jasmines flourish with crimson and ivory  petals that emanate fiery and sweet aromas. Meanwhile, the rich balsamic aroma of geranium and tolu balm seeps deep into your nerves.

A perfumed forest beckons you as you venture deeper into the woods, a forest inhabited to the world’s rarest and most precious trees. You’ll want yourself twirling in ecstasy as the balsamic, calming scents of sandalwood, cashmere wood, and cedar overwhelm the environment. Warmth surrounds you as musk and ambers envelop you in their embrace.
As you inhale , each and every accord penetrates to the very depths of your soul and heart, amplifying the natural beauty that dwells within you.

Zukruf Concentrated oil 12 ML bottle is sturdy, sober and easy to use, the fragrance clings to you for longer time.