AHMED PERFUMES’ Oud Oil has a remarkable aroma and radiates luxury wherever it is worn. Only the top grade oud is used to generate this unique scent. Like a finely crafted coat of armor, the scent of Dehn el Oud Maliki Qadeem evolves from woodsy to rich to golden to intense.

Dehn al-oud hind is enriched with the goodness  of ouds, which are grown only in the jungles of the Assam state of INDIA. It was aged for a greater duration of time to let the aromas develop before being poured. The sumptuous fragrance of Dhenal Oud is widely praised by perfume connoisseurs. It has been described as rich, earthy, and fragrant. The very precious treasure of pure. 

  Due to the endemic nature of the Oudh tree in Cambodia, the country serves as the inspiration for the title. These luscious aromas will mesmerize your senses.

This concentrated oil is extracted into a stunning golden vial that holds 3 ml of the liquid.


Indian ( Dehn Al Oudh Hindi, Cambodian,)

Dehn Al Oud Maliki Kadeem