It’s a sweet woody smell with a medley of nostalgic aromas inspired by the sensations of affection and dedication for the things that make life most valuable to us.

It compels those who wear it to indulge in its dreamlike accords and submit to their innermost passions.

Mauzoon starts with stimulating sweet & citrusy tones of Vanilla and Bergamot balanced well with the earthy note of saffron and peach that swiftly evoke a moment of self-vitality.

A woody fragrance with an accent of Cedarwood emerge, like a rich banquet of the very finest nature must give. Sweet Violets play a major position in the perfumer’s palette blending with flowery aroma of jasmine fill the air with mouth-watering tenderness.

Warm and mystical golden amber and the cultural importance of rich Agarwood surround you on the bottom, escorted by the spicy and somewhat sweet perfume of Patchouli, and finished with the refined Sandalwood wrapping you in their embrace.

Wear Mauzoon as you go through your days to remember the moments that matter.

EDP 100ML.