WAAD is your go-to blast of olfactory enthusiasm whenever you’re in need of a scented ray of sunshine in the middle of these dour days.
Enter the meadow of blooming wonders and let the beautiful flowers lead the way whilst they enfold you in their petals. 

As you sniff into the heart, crimson roses reaching out to take your hand and draw you into the depths of exotic fragrances. Hypnotizing you with their nectarous aromas making you drizzle all over.

Captivating sweetness of vanilla that emerges from the base, which eventually binds up with woodsy nuances to cuddle and entangle you in their enchanting sensations. You’ll experience as though you’re taking a nostalgia trip as you inhale the entrancing aromas included in the Journey Series Collection.

This stunning container holds 50 ml of Eau de Parfum and has an Occidental fragrance.