The craft of fragrances is the forefathers’ heritage. The drizzle may be crisper and gentler, reminiscent of playing in a barn, or it may be dry and dusty, reminding of a summer grassland. Wander beside the alluring smells, which will offer you a pleasant and attractive experience. This gorgeous work of art begins with a gleaming prologue that promises nothing but beauty and elegance. The Smokey touch that arises from the fragrant woods, the strong aroma of oud accords, and the sweet, juicy flavor of hot apples will urge you to chill down from the season’s warmth. Infusing the heart with the sweet and spicy aroma of roses, while white petals kiss praline that radiates the sweetness of caramel.Embracing at the perfume’s base, where sandalwood and guaiac woods hug, blasting the smell with their woody and calm essence. Musk’s are combined with oud accords, which emit appealing notes, to create a more retro feel.
Open-up to the enticing scents wafting from OUD CAFE.
Contains 75ml of EDP.

Oud Cafe