ARWA’s top note is a contrast of citrusy fresh oranges and pepper that leads to a delicate and powdery dry-down; the fragrance’s composition is so precise that you can continue enjoying the grace note.

Striking a delicate balance within the alluring middle layer of gorgeous lavenders, which is accentuated by their multifaceted fragrances.Patchouli emits soothing earthy aromas. We add fiery pink peppers, which give the whole mixture a spicy undertone and leave the nose with a warm, tingling sensation.

A looming presence of honey, gilded amber, and gentle musk take over, ushering ARWA from dawn to dusk with a sensual and fascinating richness that lingers in the air. We harvest labdanum from the regions of the Mediterranean, which lends a touch of elegance to the final concoction of perfume.

Embellish yourself with the euphoric smell of ARWA.
The container is made with exceptionally delicate craftsmanship, giving it the appearance of a crystalline barrel.
This spray bottle of oriental fragrance has 100 ml of eau de parfum.

EDP 100 ML